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Film, Chemistry and Lab

Precision Microproducts sells and services; Canon Document Scanners, Kodak Document Scanners, Fujitsu Document Scanners, Panasonic Document Scanners and Xerox Document Scanners. We carry a full line of Consumable kits, Exchange Roller kits, Scanaide kits and parts.

Precision Microproducts  sells and services; Alos, Allen Products Film Processors, Extek Duplicators, HF Film processors, Kodak Microfilm processors and Cameras, Minolta Reader-Printers and Microfilm Cameras, NB Jackets, Ozalid and Xidex Microfilm Duplicators.

Everything for your Microfilm Processing Lab. Fuji Film and Chemistry, Processing Leader, Developer and Fixer cleaner, Squeegees, Buffer Sleeves, Water and Chemistry Filters.

“Film is Forever”

Silver Halide Film can last more than 500 years if it is manufactured, processed and stored properly.

Permanent, 1) lasting or intended to last indefinitely without change.
Virtual, 1) being such practically or in effect, although not in actual fact or name.
There is no such thing as “Digital Preservation”…only false hopes and broken promises. Digital is not permanent.

Digital Media

Microfilm 1859-

Here is a list of Digita Media that was used for records storage as you can see, none of them are permanent or even close to the life cycle of Microfilm. HTTP://

John Benjamin Dancer, an English scientist, known as the "Father of Microphotography," in 1853 he successfully sold microphotographs as slides to be viewed with a microscope. French optician, Rene Dagron, was granted the first patent for microfilm in 1859.  Dagron, in the fall and winter of 1870-71, during the Franco-Prussian War, used carrier pigeons  to transport microfilmed messages across German lines to the city of Paris.